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Axel Antas - selected works

Shaped Views, 2014
Silver gelatin print
113 x 92,5 cm
Edition of 3

A series of landscape photographs bears the title Shaped Views, and are hung in pairs. The artist has temporarily altered the shape of a tree top by tying ropes to various branches and pulling them to one side. In the photographs this looks like a compositional correction, something of course that could be more easily achieved digitally. But the emphasis in the work is on physical, sculptural process and the implicit effort involved in tackling the “material” or photographic model. Accordingly, the equipment used (straps and ropes) has not been retouched out of the image, but remain clearly visible. The temporal aspect of “before and after” is emphasised through the direct juxtaposition of the two photographs; we are dealing here with a conceptual intervention in the spirit of land art rather than some idealising “correction” of the landscape in an 18th century painting.

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