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Axel Antas - selected works

Diurnal Landscape


Realtime generative animation with sound
Duration variable

Poikilo Museum Edition duration:  22.5 – 27.7 2023

Galleri Heino Edition duration:  28.9 – 22.10 2023

Artist, programmer and producer: Axel Antas
Programming: Sam Steer
Sound: Gordon Hempton

The work is a slow meditation of a digitised forest scene. The trees in the film are captured through digital scanning techniques. The duration of the work is linked to the exhibition time where the film changes throughout. We can observe the landscape in morning light at the start of the exhibition, towards the end of the exhibition the landscape goes towards night where the scene is in total darkness and only a few outlines of trees are visible. Each visitor’s experience is unique, as the complete film can only be fully understood as a conceptual whole.

The film follows 2 timelines. The timeline of the viewer where the camera slowly moves around the scene and small movement can be seen from leaves moving by the wind and clouds passing by. The 2nd timeline is the timeline of the sun that stretches a single day into the duration of the exhibition where the landscape slowly moves into total darkness at the end of the exhibition.

In contrast to the digital landscape, the soundtrack of the film is composed of authentic field recordings that evolve throughout its duration. This soundscape is crafted by sound recording specialist Gordon Hempton, who focuses on capturing audio from natural environments devoid of any human-made noises. Consequently, the field recordings present the pure sounds of a forest untouched by human presence, creating a harmonious link between the uninhabited digital visuals and the natural acoustic backdrop.