This work was produced for the North Coast Triennial in Denmark where the Triennial was investigating heritage as a theme. This work looks at the history of the Forests in Denmark while questioning our relationship to the forests.

This is a work where a forest area is framed by a white border. The border can be walked on and is placed slighly elevated from the ground. If all the public forests in Denmark were divided equally among the inhabitants of the country, each person would receive 0.1 hectares, which corresponds to an area of 31 x 31 metres. Axel Antas uses that exact amount of space for his installation 0.1ha in Gribskov Forest. Inside, 1000 butterflies will be released during the exhibition and free to fly and take over the rest of the forest.

Axel Antas examines our experience of time and space with his artwork. The enclosed area in the forest becomes a sort of private space that we can call our own. And the fleeting existence of the butterflies coupled with the longevity of the forest shows that when it comes to nature, time can move both swiftly and slowly.

The Art Triennial will strongly focus on the meeting, exchange and dialogue that takes place between the cultural identities brought by artists from Denmark and the other Nordic countries, and which is sparked both between the artists and in the meeting with the history, cultural landscape and residents of the northern coast.

Above pictures Photo Credit © Kim Matthäi Leland

A photograpgh of the site specific work was produced as a standalone print.

0.1ha, 2019
107 x 130 cm

Installation view