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Axel Antas - selected works

Nothing is made, nothing disappears – Poikilo Museum / 24 May – 27 August 2023

The exhibition at Poikilo Museum will focus on new works made in 2022 and 2023 with certain older works that relate to the topic from his 20 year career. The show is a curated exhibition of works dealing with questions of our relationship to time and space, past, future and the temporality of the moment. The title of the show is based on an idea of how everything is in constant transformation and the notion of the fragility of the moment. This title is an extract from Dejan Stojanovic book: The Shape. He in turn based his poem on the chemist Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier from 1743 who said ‘Nothing is lost, nothing is created’, this text can be traced down to the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras in 5th century BC who said on the topic of conservation of mass that ‘Nothing is born or perishes, but already existing things combine and then separate again’. The title of the show is self referential and suggests an idea of constant transformation with the focus on temporality and the moment where “Nothing is made, nothing disappears, the same changes, at the same places, never stopping.”

Another focus in the works is how they look at nature as a place for reflection and urgency. The landscape is used as a place for questioning ourselves and our actions in the world. The show brings together ideas of personal observations and reflections on our current way of engaging ourselves in the world. The works are timeless but the gravity of the topics are very much rooted in the current state of instability and the future of our climate.

The show will contain a mixture of mediums: photographs, drawings, sculptures and films both analogue and digitally produced. The works borrow and examine each other’s unique features and this way approaches the mediums in new ways. Each work in its form would not exist without the other works. Both digital and analogue capturing, rendering, printing and casting techniques have been used to create the work. Antas is interested in the cross over and merging of traditional techniques with current ones. In this way the show becomes an exploration into historical traditional techniques combined with more modern techniques in an attempt to blur the boundaries of traditional with the now.

The works in the exhibition spans from earlier films from 2010 with 2 new films completed in 2023. On show will also be new large scale silver point drawings exploring the landscape as a place of contemplation and self reflection. New series of photographs that examine the idea of the moment captured through still lives where flowers in different state of decay have been scanned and captured and transformed into sculptures that are monochromatic in colour. 

All the works examine the poetic as a point of entry where the work suggests temporality, fragility and a sense of urgency. The show is a contemplation on being in the moment where the viewer is the centre of the exhibition.