Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art from 3 February to 22 April 2018 – People in Focus – works from the collection of the Heino Art Foundation

The exhibition People in Focus highlights the range of contemporary art by presenting works by prominent Finnish artists. The emphasis is on the immediate emotional effect of art, and viewers are given an opportunity to identify with the countless ways in which people are depicted in contemporary art. The exhibition presents over 70 works by 45 prominent visual artists.

The exhibition seeks to reveal what it is like to live in the present time: the relationship of man to the environment, spiritual experiences, self-reflection and relationships to other people. Silent studies, as well as social commentaries, are included. The exhibition emphasises the power of art – through one collection, by presenting pearls of both contemporary art and modernism.

The curator of the exhibition is former acting Museum Director Selma Green. The exhibition is produced by Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art in collaboration with the Heino Art Foundation. The exhibition is part of a series of exhibitions at Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art which aims to shed light on art collecting by presenting collectors of art.

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